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My name is Rene Alfaro and this is my home renovation company: Royal Basements Inc (RBI). RBI is a family company with my wife and my two sons working alongside me.


Established in 2005 and incorporated in 2008, RBI has ensured to deliver high-quality service to our clients in their home improvement and renovation projects. We believe in not only service excellence but we believe in treating our clients like part of the family; because once you are in a relationship with us, it is one of Respect, Trust and Transparency.

We pride ourselves in the work we do which is why we believe in working with love, care and, yes, sweat - working hard because we deeply care about the value of our product and we value our service reputation.

We value your business, your project and you. Let us serve you to make your home needs come true!

Respectfully yours,

Rene Alfaro

Founder of Royal Basements Inc.

My Story & My Promise

I come from a beautiful Latin-central American nation called El Salvator. When I was young, my late teens, I worked on my family farm. I came from a family of hard working people. Always working to provide for the day and hope to have for tomorrow.

At the end of the 80's, most of my family and I left my country due to conflict and civil war. I embarked my journey to North America - the US and finally Canada, where I call home. I learned very young about struggles and hard work to earn a living. I have worked in the service industry and at my early 20's, the construction industry in Toronto, Ontario.

From 1992, I worked in the construction and home renovation business. Over 30 years! 


I thank God for the the opportunity to open my own company in 2005. Not only to be my own 'Boss' but to be the person who can guarantee to provide genuine high-quality service built on real hard-work, trust and transparency.


My renovation company Royal Basements Inc. is built on these values: Hardwork, Respect, Trust and Transparency. I understand that these values that I and RBI hold on to are to just given by our clients, but have to be earned.

My promise is to prove to you that as a collaborative team, as client and service provider, we can make your home renovation and improvement project possible.

Have a project you want to discuss? Please feel free to call me!

- Rene Alfaro


Have a home renovation or home improvement project?Let's connect and book you an estimate!

Phone: 416-230-9010

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