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All services provided by Royal Basements Inc. is to be conducted by the guidelines listed within the Ontario Building Code and the Municipal Building Regulations, and may require the client to apply for a building permit with the City of residence to renovate an unfinished basement or any other structural renovation or addition to the residence. The permit for renovation is charged at a cost implemented by the city or Municipality and is NOT included with the total cost of the renovation project with Royal Basements Inc. The client/home owner is responsible for all permit fees with the city.

Royal Basements Inc. Does not provided drawings which may be required by the city to apply for a building permit.

The city permit also includes all inspections throughout the renovation process which are needed to conclude the renovation project and can be used for home insurance purposes. During inspections, inspectors may require additional service to be done to meet their standards. This may increase the cost of the project as additional service and material is needed.

Royal Basements Inc. will NOT commence any service when a city permit is required. It is to be noted that any commencement of service to the residence without approval of the municipality may result in fines and charges under Municipal bylaws and Provincial statues. Home insurance may also not provide coverage to any work done to the residence without the required building documents.


The project mentioned will take the duration listed within the document contract, provided there is no extra services added after the start or during the duration of the project, or if any unforeseen complications or delays arise.


All of our sub-contractors and members of Royal Basements Inc. are licenced and insured by Workplace Safety & Insurance Board of Ontario (WSIB). Royal Basements Inc. also contracts trusted and partnered licenced electricians and plumbers with their own company insurance coverage. Royal Basements Inc. also provides liability insurance with TruShield Insurance.


All labour work conducted by Royal Basements Inc. and their contractors, have a one year standard warranty. Repairs and adjustments will be conducted at no additional cost; after the warranty term, services and repairs will be charged at a cost depended on the contractor inspecting it. Please note that warrantees will NOT be provided by using other products or brands not recommended by Royal Basements due to quality and standards and therefore not covered therein.

NOTE: Warranty does NOT apply to intended, misuse or abuse damage, other existing structural or residential installations not done by Royal Basements Inc. (existing water pipe leak), natural causes or services conducted by other service provider. Any service or repairs conducted by a third party contractor other than a contractor or members of Royal Basements Inc. or their approved subcontractors, will void the warranty entirely and repairs will not be conducted free of charge.

Note: Products and materials provide their own warranties that vary throughout companies and brands and are not covered by Royal Basements Inc.


We ensure you are satisfied with the products and services provided by Royal Basements Inc. If you are not satisfied or a service is not to your standards, we will resolve and fix the issue at no cost. The product or service must have been supplied and conducted by Royal Basements Inc. to be covered. Products not recommended by us will not be covered and product defects must be address with the company it was manufactured with.

NOTE: Contracting a third party contractor to service or repair any defects will void all warranties with Royal Basements Inc.


Payment installments dates will be determined on a separate document or invoice once the contract has been accepted and the deposits have been secured. *A payment plan can be arranged if needed with approval. A 10% deposit will be required to reserve the date for the project service period. If choose to withdraw from the contract after signing and deposit has been secured, 50% of the deposited amount will forfeited and applied for initial service. Certified cheque or e-transfer is accepted; No debit, credit or money orders unless otherwise stated. We offer our customers with the option to pay online with credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express along with Paypal however a 2.9% transaction does apply.

Payments are to be made weekly at the beginning of each week, unless otherwise agreed and amended on the contract .


If you wish to cancel our services, you can with no penalty before the service contract has been signed and deposit secured and 10 days after it has been signed, usually referred to a 10 day cooling period. If you choose to cancel after signing and deposit has been secured, and after the 10 day cooling-period, you will be returned only 50% of the deposit amount for service and project planning fees. If you choose to cancel on the start date of your project, the full amount of deposit maybe forfeited and any non-returnable materials purchased by Royal Basements Inc.


This contract is for completion of the job described and listed above. It is based on our evaluation and does not include additional labour & material which may be required should unforeseen complications or delays arise once the service has commenced. Any change, upgrades or material added will vary in cost and will be discussed with the client before service is preformed. City inspections may require further work to meet with standards for a pass; service and cost will be discussed with client and will not be continued until client approval.

NOTE: any additional service work provided by unforeseen circumstances or added additions by client will be provided an estimate prior to any action being taken. An additional service agreement shall be signed before any work that is in addition to the original contract, is to be commenced.



The specification and conditions listed in this agreement are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. You are authorizing ROYAL BASEMENTS INC. to conduct and preform the services specified within.


Payments are to be made on the installment dates listed above and the remaining balance to be made on the last week of the project once project is complete. One week after completion of the job, a 12% monthly interest will be applied to each and every month thereafter to any outstanding balance.

By signing this contract, you agree with the services and certify that you have read the terms and conditions outlined within and understand to the best of your ability.

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