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The Development Process

At Royal Basements, we want you to know how it all works and for you to have knowledge of the development stages for your project. Whether its for large projects like full home renovations, new basement construct or kitchen remodelling, we take you step-by-step and answer your questions along the way.

1. Planning

You as the home-owner would plan your project and create it how you want it to be. If you plan for structural changes or renovating your basement, you may want to apply for permits from the city. Visit your local city hall for more information. That way there are no unexpected delays and is done !

2. Project Consultation 

Once you've planned your project and obtained all needed permits, we would have one of our experience consultants attend your home or site for a 100% free estimate! We'll even show you our photo gallery of our past projects to see how we work and what you get!

3. Estimate Acceptance & Contract Review

Once you are happy with our proposal, a contract would be generated detailing all the materials and services being provided within the project. We will then review it again before you sign incase you have any issues or concerns. Once you are satisfied, a deposit would be requested to reserve your project start date.

4. Project Commencement

Before the start date, we kindly ask that you remove all personal belongs from the project area. Plastic barriers will be put in place to ensure no dust enters the rest of the home. The materials needed for the project will require space as well, which will be delivered on the start date. We pick-up and deliver!

5. Inspections & Progress

Throughout the renovation project, we will take you step-by-step at each stage to ensure you're getting the service you deserve and that it matches your vision and desire. We can make changes or suggestion within the limits of your contract or you can make additions. Its all up to you!

6. Design options

Near the start of adding the cosmetics for the project, we will sit with you and present you with your design options for doors, baseboards, trim, flooring, paint and more.

We will also give you ideas for bathroom fixtures and shower tile design. We have have samples for that too. We will also send you the locations of the product supplier so you can choose for yourself, if you want! Or we'll bring it to you!

7. Final Finishings & Conclusion

At the conclusion, we assist you in installing all your appliances and fixtures. Together we go through one final inspection to ensure its 100% up to your standards. We conduct a cleaning of the project area so it looks magazine ready! We will also provide you with your one year warranty card!

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